Protect your school with secure teacher document collection and tracking

SkoolSpot's Safeguarding Records / Single Central Record supports governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) efforts for accreditation, student safeguarding standards and teacher data privacy.

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Security - Our Top Priority

Your school's data security is our top priority, we have policies and security measures in place to ensure full compliance and encryption.

GDPR Compliant

Secure Servers

2-factor Authentication

Encrypted Data

Securely collect and approve teacher documents all in one platform

Emails are not a secure way to receive, share or store personal documents.

SkoolSpot’s Single Central Record allows schools to securely request documents from staff (with tailored instructions and reminders) and collect/approve documents all within one spot.


Customize document collection according to your school and country

SkoolSpot customizes document collection and checks to align with your school's governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) needs and country’s visa document requirements.


Simplified tracking and reporting on visa, compliance and HR documents

See who is missing documents, who is complete and send reminders to staff to complete with one click.


On-demand reporting for internal use, boards, inspectors and accreditation visits. 


Management of staff and documents

Access a complete list of all staff members along with their documents.


Simply click through to a staff profile to see what it is complete or missing and send reminders to staff members to ensure full compliance as soon as possible.


Frequently asked questions

How quickly can I get started?

Fast! Most schools are setup and running within 3-5 business days.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes. The SkoolSpot platform is GDPR compliant with enhanced security features to ensure your school and your teachers' personal documents are kept secure.

Will this replace all my spreadsheets?

Yes! You are able to track visa process, HR documents, training certificates and compliance documents all in one, central location.

Why aren't emails a secure way to receive my teacher's personal documents?

Sending documents through email is risky. 1. Email almost solely relies on your network for security. If your network isn't secure, there's nothing stopping someone from intercepting the document while it's being sent to your recipient. 2. Errors in email addresses and storing of emails are prone to human error 3. Sending documents through email does not align with GDPR data protection principles


Features of SkoolSpot’s

Single Central Record (SCR)

GDPR Compliant

API Access

Secure Encrypted Hosting

99.9% Uptime 

Customer Service Support

Secure Download of Documents

2-Factor Authentication

User Permission Settings

Audit Logs

Customized notifications

Customized Terms and Conditions

Customizable school branding



SkoolSpot Pricing

Secure your teachers' personal documents and support their visa process from $25 per teacher


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