SkoolSpot simplifies and secures the hiring, training and verification of globally-mobile educators.

The Onboarding and Training Platform for International Schools

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Recruitment & Onboarding

SkoolSpot’s onboarding platform increases new-hire engagement with personalized preparation pathways and delivers actionable insights into the relocation process.


Training Design and Delivery

SkoolSpot supports your PD strategy with needs assessment, PD delivery, and learning management, all in one spot.

Safeguarding and Compliance

SkoolSpot’s Safeguarding Records / Single Central Record (SCR) helps schools centrally collect, track and manage necessary documents for child protection, highlighting compliance gaps for action.

What people are saying about SkoolSpot

"SkoolSpot’s COVID-19 School Vaccination Tracker and Safeguarding Record provide critical reporting insights into any school’s risk management efforts. The integrated training delivery function makes SkoolSpot a powerful tool for governance, risk, and compliance efforts."

Mark Hevland

Director of Risk Management

International School of Bangkok

What Teachers Think of SkoolSpot

What our Teachers Say

- Adrienne, AP Chemistry Teacher.

"This onboarding process has been the best I have ever experienced and I appreciate the time and effort to

perfect it."

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