Simple and secure visa processing for teachers

SkoolSpot provides teachers with citizenship specific instructions and a secure location to store and share sensitive, personal documents with your HR team.

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Up-to-date visa instructions for error-free processing

Visa requirements change constantly - we know. SkoolSpot regularly updates visa instructions to ensure accurate information for all teachers.

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“The instructions were so clear and simple to follow for where I'm living - this is way better than

the last time I moved overseas!"

- Kindergarten Teacher, South Africa

Protect your teachers 

documents and personal data

Designed for International educators, by International educators.


Protect your teachers by ensuring your document collection, sharing and storage adhere to GDPR and other data protection principles.

Frequently asked questions

Is email a secure way to receive/send personal documents?

Sending files by email poses a threat of personal data leakage for a number of reasons. First, you could send the file to the wrong recipient or forget to exclude certain recipients from a mass email. Second, cybercriminals might hack your recipient’s mailbox, gaining access to all the attachments in it. Consequently, sending unprotected files and storing them in your mailbox would violate the GDPR and may result in fines and lawsuits.

How do I receive teacher's personal documents securely (if not through email)?

SkoolSpot's onboarding platform provides schools and teachers with a secure, online location to upload documents for review and use within your school.


Interactive Visa Instructions by Citizenship

Visa instructions for 20+ countries with secure document management

US Citizens

Detailed, step-by-step visa module for US citizens with secure document management.

Australian Citizens

Detailed, step-by-step visa module for Australian citizens with secure document management.

UK Citizens

Detailed, step-by-step visa module for UK citizens with secure document management.

Irish Citizens

Detailed, step-by-step visa module for Irish citizens with secure document management.

South Africa Citizens

Detailed, step-by-step visa module for South African citizens with secure document management.

Canadian Citizens

Detailed, step-by-step visa module for Canadian citizens with secure document management.


Citizenship not listed above?  

Contact us to find out about the other countries we have available

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Secure your teachers' personal documents and support their visa process from $25 per teacher



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