Quality PD Increases 
Teacher Retention

Heads and boards often balk at PD expenditures when faced with high turnover, wondering; 

‘Why invest so much  if they’re going to leave?’

Savvy school leaders know - and research supports - that investing in continuous professional development (PD) leads to increased employee retention and satisfaction


The key question is; 

How might we effectively manage and deliver PD to achieve development and retention goals?

Centralized PD Management

SkoolSpot supports schools by helping schools identify organizational learning needs and then centralizing the delivery and management of the PD, whether;

  • In-person PD

  • Online PD

  • Blended learning PD

For schools hoping to standardize compliance training, SkoolSpot's digital learning and instructional design team can help you achieve your vision.

SkoolSpot PD Management Platform Delivers;

Pre-Arrival Training

  • Increased teacher engagement

  • Prepared teachers on arrival

  • Ensure compliance before arrival.

Ongoing Professional Development

  • Platform supports in-house and third-party PD.

  • Insights into teacher development.

  • Identify skill gaps.

Customized Training

  • SkoolSpot's team of expert instructional designers can design and deliver your custom training

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