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Pre-Arrival Training for

New Hires

Prepare your new teachers before arrival with training on your school’s curriculum, resources and assessment tools. Teachers arrive prepared and ready to begin on Day 1.


What our Teachers Say

- Corey Hart, USA. 

"The relocation process is amazing after seeing the Atlas training and where I will be living in Kuwait. All the details you provided us with - I feel way more comfortable and I am super excited now to start working."

Pre-Arrival Training Testimonials from our Teachers

Read more about how our teachers enjoyed their pre-arrival training before relocating to their new school.

Ongoing Professional Development

Identify skills-gap areas, develop your school’s professional development with the SkoolSpot platform and deliver it to your staff. 


SkoolSpot's team of expert instructional designers can design and deliver your custom training or build it yourself within our platform.


What our Teachers Say

- Rachel Grasten, USA. 

"I found this course to be very user friendly. The videos made it easy to understand. Well done, very informative!"

Training Testimonials from our Teachers

Read more about how our teachers enjoyed their customized training during the school year at their school.

Track and Report on Training and Skills

  • Know who is completing their training and who isn’t. 

  • Motivate your staff to complete with badging and certifications. 

  • Skills Development Record (SDR)

Case Study: American Creativity Academy

Learn more about how the American Creativity Academy used the SkoolSpot platform to design their Virtual Learning course in English and Arabic to train their entire school within a few weeks.


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