Build effective teams with skills-based hiring

At SkoolSpot we believe that a skills-based approach to hiring will ensure schools are best-positioned to tackle the many challenges  leaders face in recruiting top teaching talent.


That is why we have created the SkoolSpot International Teacher Competency Framework to help schools develop skills-based hiring and competency based approaches to developing highly effective teams.


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Teaching skills are evolving

International teachers need to adapt, innovate, integrate new knowledge and instructional tools while teaching across multiple cultures and languages. These demands involve an increasingly complex and broad range of competencies that require continuous development throughout a teacher’s career. 


This is why many schools are now adopting skills-based approaches to hiring and developing teams to ensure teachers are equipped with the needed competencies , or the capacity to develop them.

Skills-based hiring is a strategic approach centered on identifying and developing the core competencies - the knowledge, skills, behaviors and attitudes - required for an organization to be successful.

Skills-Based Hiring Workshops and Courses


Helping you address today’s international recruitment challenges

International Teacher Competency Framework l SkoolSpot

Developing your school competency architecture

Assemble an effective team by developing a competency architecture for your school. 

Delivery Formats:

  1. Self-paced Course

  2. Facilitated Workshops

Implementing Skills-Based Hiring

Skills-based hiring provides the needed insights to make objective hiring decisions and ensures consistency and transparency within hiring teams.

Delivery Formats:

  1. Self-paced Course

  2. Facilitated Workshops

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