Effective Onboarding Matters

How effective is your onboarding? If it consists of a flurry of emails and pdf documents, SkoolSpot can help you level-up.


The evidence is clear. Employees who receive effective onboarding are;

  • 18X more likely to feel committed to your organization.

  • 69% of employees with effective onboarding are more likely to stay for more than 3 years.

  • 89% of those who receive effective onboarding
    feel strongly integrated into your culture.

SkoolSpot's platform delivers people-first onboarding designed to amplify new-hire engagement. Personalized preparation content is delivered in snackable, bite-sized, micro-learning modules. Bye-bye emails and pdfs!

Great Recruitment is Personal

At SkoolSpot we believe technology can free up time to focus on what matters - people. Effective recruiters know that successful international recruitment is people first

How do we keep people first with so many impersonal documents?

SkoolSpot's centralized onboarding platform automates the impersonal documentation process, reducing time-wasting emails by up to 80%, allowing your teams to prioritize your people.

Recruitment is Critical:
Get Insights

Securing quality teachers takes an immense amount of time, travel, and scarce resources - and that's just to sign a contract.

After that, you need to know;

  • Is HR securing the necessary visa documentation?

  • Are my Principals preparing the new-hires for arrival?

  • Are my teachers getting the support they need?

SkoolSpot provides valuable insights to heads of school by aligning the efforts of HR, Principals, and new-hires, ensuring that you can; 

  • Identify procedural bottlenecks.

  • Highlight teachers in need of additional support. 

  • See who is on track to arrive.....and who is not.

The SkoolSpot platform is built to integrate the four key elements of effective and successful onboarding:

  1. Preparation

  2. Document Management

  3. Support

  4. Reporting

SkoolSpot Recruitment and Onboarding Platform

1. Personalized Relocation Pathways

Help teachers know exactly what is required of them, wherever they’re from.

School Heads can be confident knowing teachers are learning about the school, curriculum, policies, and culture. 


HR and Administration can be certain policy documents are received and read, ensuring compliance. 


Teachers can be reassured knowing there is a structured learning process to support relocation. 

2. Centralized Visa Document Submission

School Heads can gain insight into document collection progress and highlight procedural impediments.


HR and Administration can set deadlines for self-serve document submission, receive submission alerts, download documents and receive completion status reports.


Teachers can have clear expectations for the documentation process and receive guided instructions for document submission.

3. Enhanced Teacher Support

School Heads can be confident their new teachers are receiving the necessary support and know when their help and input is required.


HR and Administration can save time by providing a central spot for support delivery and identify teacher concerns for escalation.


Teachers can receive one-to-one, one-to-many and peer support throughout the onboarding process while building relationships with their colleagues.

4. Relocation and Engagement Insights

School Heads will receive weekly onboarding progress updates to be confident knowing who is engaged and mitigate risk by knowing who isn’t.


HR and Administration will gain compliance insights for policy documents and receive status reports on new hire document submissions.


Teachers can be confident knowing they are submitting the required documents accurately and on time.

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