Announcing: SkoolSpot International Teacher Competency Framework

At SkoolSpot we are driven by a foundational belief that any school mission can be accomplished when you have the right people, with the right skills, in the right place.

An International school can best deliver on its mission when the right people, with the right skills, are assembled in their school community. Assembling and developing highly effective teams is a purposeful endeavor that requires commitment to specific mission-aligned competencies and a continuous dedication to organizational learning and growth.

The SkoolSpot framework was developed to support the strategic development of highly effective teams through purposeful hiring and intentional professional development.

For most schools these efforts are complicated by two interrelated challenges;

  • Clearly identifying what skills and competencies are required of their teams to deliver on their mission and strategic objectives

  • Supporting professional development opportunities aligned with these identified skills and competencies

This framework supports International schools in addressing each of these challenges through purposeful hiring and intentional professional development.

Global Input

The SkoolSpot International Teacher Competency Framework has been developed in cooperation with educational leaders from over 35 countries.

Internationally Verified

The competencies and behavioral exemplars within this framework

have been widely agreed upon and accepted by international school leaders as representative of 21st century competencies required by international teachers.

In using this framework school leaders can identify, assess and develop the competencies necessary for individual and organizational success. It also provides a shared common language around the skills and competencies required of international teachers across the profession. By creating a continuum of competency development, the SkoolSpot framework supports career development and progression as teachers move from one school to the next. 

The SkoolSpot International Teacher Competency Framework provides you with the foundations for creating a unique competency architecture for your school.

Free for schools to start using today

Skills-Based Hiring Workshops

To support schools in creating their competency architecture and implement a skills based approach to hiring and development, we’ve developed 3 workshops that provide schools with the necessary tools to implement a skills-based, mission-driven approach to recruitment and continued professional development.

Learn more about our Skills-Based Hiring Workshops

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