3 Reasons for Skills-Based Teacher Recruitment

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

This year is unparalleled - every aspect of school life has been affected. Effectively navigating new situations will be the hallmark of successful schools in years to come and will rely on assembling an effective team.

Recruitment is now more important than ever to help you build that effective team to help respond to whatever challenges you are faced with.

Getting your game plan together

It’s no secret that international teacher recruitment is getting harder. The recruitment ‘season’ starts earlier each year as schools rush to secure top teaching talent before they are snapped up by other schools. The pandemic has simply added to these challenges as schools now adjust to recruiting almost entirely online.

Preparation for these demands is key. Reviewing your recruitment strategy and updating your practices now will positively impact your hiring and your subsequent ability to respond to new challenges.

Hiring for skills

Implementing a skills-based approach to hiring, which focuses on the strategic development of highly effective teams through purposeful hiring and international professional learning, will best prepare you for the year ahead.

Here’s why:

1. ‘Virtual-first’ Recruitment

Gone are the days - at least for now - of in-person recruitment fairs. While we’re pleased to leave the crowded spaces and glad handing on the backburner for the time being, we will miss having our hiring teams together and on task. With a distributed approach to recruitment, gaining mutual clarity on ideal candidates will be critical. By defining the skills and competencies necessary for your school, everyone on your hiring team will be working from the same page and with a common language.

2. Teacher competencies are shifting in importance

The pandemic forced changes in how we engage in teaching and learning, compelling teachers to draw on different competencies. For example, in a recent survey conducted by SkoolSpot, we found that social, emotional and team working skills have grown in importance - along with virtual teaching and digital citizenship. Recruiting based on your pre-COVID teacher profile will not suffice. Identify the teacher profile that meets today's needs by establishing a clear framework to objectively identify required skills, knowledge and behaviours.

3. Lowered overall recruitment costs

With reduced enrollment, budgets are tighter. Implementing a competency-based approach to hiring can save time by supporting a more focused and purposeful recruitment process. Bad hires can be terribly expensive - in dollars, time, staff morale, and student disruption. By making hiring decisions in a structured, measurable way to measure fit based on agreed upon competencies, rather than arbitrary feelings or beliefs.

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