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SkoolSpot Onboarding and Relocation Platform

Design onboarding experiences that centralize visa document processing and training from hire to first day!

International Onboarding Platform
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Engagement Reporting l International Education

Receive updates on your new hires engagement to see who is engaged and mitigate risk by knowing who isn’t.

Get insights into your new hire engagement and training progress!

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SkoolSpot’s engagement reporting highlighted low engagement and reduced dropouts

- 2020 International School Onboarding Report

Single Central Record
SkoolSpot Single Central Record

Centralize HR document collection and reporting

Reduce all those spreadsheets and tracking errors with SkoolSpot’s Single Central Record (SCR)! 


New Hires securely upload their documents from their visa pathways (customized for their citizenship), HR verifies and approves each document updating your Single Central record with real-time, accurate reporting.

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SkoolSpot’s Single Central Record increased turnaround time on visa documents by 30%

- 2020 International School Onboarding Report

What people are saying about SkoolSpot

"SkoolSpot’s COVID-19 School Vaccination Tracker and Safeguarding Record provide critical reporting insights into any school’s risk management efforts. The integrated training delivery function makes SkoolSpot a powerful tool for governance, risk, and compliance efforts."

Mark Hevland

Director of Risk Management

International School of Bangkok

Segment new hires into customized relocation journeys by citizenship

Deliver personalized visa requirements based on citizenship and segment training for subjects and school level.

Customized Pathways for Visa
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“Everything on this platform has been great! I love how it is set up to pace me through this 6 month long process with videos and information along the way!"

- Grade 3 Teacher, Chicago USA.

Enhance support and create connections for your new hires

SkoolSpot’s Social Spot connects your new hires online (no matter their location) to help relationships with other teachers before arrival. 


Curate discussions for popular topics to provide support for your new hires in a central location.

International Relocation

Create your perfect

new hire journey!

With SkoolSpot, deliver bite-sized preparation materials at the right time for a teacher in their relocation journey.

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SkoolSpot’s Social Spot reduces individual questions in email by 60%

- 2020 International School Onboarding Report

Effective Onboarding Matters

Employees who receive effective, engaging and supportive onboarding are;

89% more integrated into school culture.

69% more likely to stay over than 3 years.

18x more likely to feel committed to your organization.

Case Study: American International School of Kuwait

Learn more about how the American International School used the SkoolSpot platform to centralize their onboarding for new hires for preparation and HR documentation

AIS Case Study l SkoolSpot

Onboarding Packages

SkoolSpot provides customized onboarding packages to International Schools depending on their needs.