COVID-19 Vaccine Data Management for Schools

Collect, Verify and Report on COVID-19 Vaccination Data within your school community.

Supporting Safer Schools in 2021

COVID-19 Vaccination Tracker


Securely Collect Critical Vaccination Data

Receive vaccination evidence via an online, encrypted platform to keep your staff and students safe.


Verify Vaccination Evidence

Evaluate uploaded vaccination records to ensure they meet your school or country requirements.

Emails are not a secure way to collect medical documents.


Track Progress to Vaccination Goals

Gain instant access to your school’s vaccination progress with on demand reporting to identify at-risk teachers, students, and staff.


What people are saying about SkoolSpot

"SkoolSpot’s COVID-19 School Vaccination Tracker and Safeguarding Record provide critical reporting insights into any school’s risk management efforts. The integrated training delivery function makes SkoolSpot a powerful tool for governance, risk, and compliance efforts."

Mark Hevland

Director of Risk Management

International School of Bangkok


Frequently asked questions

Is this free?

Yes. SkoolSpot's COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker is being made free for International schools in 2021 in an effort to support the safe hiring and relocation of teachers. It is free for up to 20 staff. Additional staff are $1 per user/month (with an annual committment). This new feature is included for all SkoolSpot members as part of our Single Central Record (SCR) to track safeguarding records including; references, criminal record checks, safeguarding training, passport, and licensure.

Can I add students and staff to my COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker?

Yes. School-wide pricing discounts are available.

What setup is required?

SkoolSpot's Covid Vaccine Tracker is simple and fast: 1. Complete our School Registration Form. 2. SkoolSpot will verify your school's account. 3. Customize your Covid Vaccine Tracker to your school's brand. 4. Add staff and begin tracking.

Do you provide any training on how to use the platform?

Yes. SkoolSpot provides self-guided, on-demand training to every user on our platform.

How long does it take to setup the COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker for my school?

After receiving your school registration form and verfying your details, the Covid Vaccine Tracker will be ready for use within 48 hours.

What type of integrations do you support?

Integrations are available to paid member schools. Our API makes it easy to integrate other applications into SkoolSpot so data can be shared securely across systems.


COVID-19 Vaccination Tracker Packages

Free COVID-19

Vaccination Tracker

  • Securely receive critical medical data.

  • Evaluate vaccination proof.

  • Track towards vaccination rate goals.

  • Tracks multiple COVID-19 vaccines (Pfizer, Oxford, etc.) for school safety.

  • Track and add reminders for vaccination dosage schedule.

  • Track vaccination refusals and medical exemptions.

  • Download vaccination reports.

Additional Seats:

- $1 USD per seat/month.

- Volume discounts available.

(annual commitment)


Free for up to 20 staff in support of safer hiring in 2021.

Staff Safeguarding



per user/month

(annual commitment)

All the value of the COVID-19 Vaccination Tracker,


Safeguarding record (with secure collection and tracking) for new and current staff:

  • Criminal Record Checks

  • Reference Letters

  • Teaching License

  • Letters of Experience

  • Authenticated Degree

  • Customized documents and form records for your school

Safeguarding Records and Training

All the value of the COVID-19 Vaccination Tracker and Staff Safeguarding Records, plus;

Training and Orientation for new and current staff:

  • Full LMS functionality

  • Deliver up-to-date COVID-19 protocol training and track completions.

  • Deliver safeguarding and child protection training

  • Deliver professional development online

  • Track learning to individual professional learning plan (coming Fall 2021)


per user/month

(annual commitment)


Features of SkoolSpot’s

COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker

GDPR Compliant

API Access

Secure Encrypted Hosting

99.9% Uptime 

Customer Service Support

Secure Download of Documents

2-Factor Authentication

User Permission Settings

Audit Logs

Customized notifications

Customized Terms and Conditions

Customizable school branding



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