SkoolSpot provides schools with the tools to deliver compliance documents, track completion and highlight compliance gaps.

Deliver training for school compliance and safeguarding

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Navigate Uncertainty with Confidence

SkoolSpot’s compliance training delivery and reporting helps minimize risk by aligning faculty and support staff with policies, procedures, and protocols.

Highlight Compliance Gaps

The efficacy of school policies, procedures, and protocols rely not only on clearly defined training objectives, but on successful completion. 

At any time - see where are your non-compliant areas.

Automate reminders and follow-ups to your staff

SkoolSpot's platform allows you to:

  • send weekly reminders to complete their compliance training 

  • segment staff with non-compliance and send a group message

  • broadcast messages to all staff with platform banners 

Reporting for Inspections and Accreditation

SkoolSpot's compliance reporting allows you to export your school's compliance reporting at any time to ensure you are ready for any school inspection or accreditation visit.