Develop your school’s competency architecture

The SkoolSpot International Teacher Competency Framework provides you with the foundations for creating a unique competency architecture for your school. Start using it today, for free.

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Internationally verified core teaching competencies specifically designed for International Schools


Effective Teaching




Professional Attributes



and Relationships


Global Perspective

SkoolSpot’s International Teacher Competency Framework

The SkoolSpot International Teacher Competency Framework enables mission-driven recruitment in international schools by implementing skills and competency based approaches to hiring and team development.

Workshop: Developing your Competency Architecture

SkoolSpot’s virtual workshops help school leaders develop skills-based hiring practices to effectively respond to the new international teacher recruitment challenges.

Developing your school competency architecture

Transform how you hire and develop staff by developing a competency architecture for your school. 

Create a unique competency architecture for the needs of your school

A competency architecture provides the structure you need to identify, select and develop the competencies your school requires to deliver on its mission and strategic objectives.

Imagine a golden thread running from your vision and mission statement to every individual and team in your school. 

By creating critical connections between your school mission, job descriptions, screening criteria, interview questioning, selection criteria and professional learning plans you allow for clear alignment between your school’s mission, its goals and the members of your school community.

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